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Meaningful Mindfulness

  • OMID Institute 2101 Business Center Drive St 150 Irvine, CA, 92612 United States (map)

Heading Down the Rabbit Hole

Mindfulness and meditation have received a lot of attention in popular psychology today. Just about everyone is trying to be “more mindful” -- There are plenty of “apps” for that.

The rapid proliferation of “mindfulness” teachings into today’s popular culture has resulted in considerable confusion regarding what it means to be “mindful”. Often this portrayed by popular culture as another means to escape life, de-stress, etc.

Meditation and eastern psychology are powerful tools and when practiced with wisdom can lead to greater connection with life – can result in more meaningful relationships and greater emotional stability. At the same time these powerfully transformative tools may reveal/expose many aspects of our inner life – formed by many unconscious thought patterns that were suppressed. These insights/revelations can create significant discomfort if they are not properly addressed. Traditionally, experienced teachers addressed this practically using Eastern psychology. This three part series seeks to introduce therapists to mindfulness practice, and eastern psychology as a means for their own self-development and enhance their therapy skills with clients.

Class instructed by: Chetan Gandhi